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I Love Zanessa so much, The first time I saw High School Musical I thourght they need to date they look so perfect for eachother, and then when I found out they were dating I was like 'awww' <3
they were together for almost 5 years they broke up in 2010 but I still have so much hope that they will get back together, they are so made for eachother,
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1st september&#8230;

1st september…

I was pretty disapointed in this the reunion…
First of all I didnt expect it as low key as it was as a hsm reunion is a big deal for the fans.
Secondly, where the heck was Zac and Lucas!
In my opinion, and im sure others too, you cannot have a hsm reunion without our number 14 basketball player Troy Bolton and Ryan Evans.
They are two of the main characters in the movies..
I know that Zac is filming WAYF so why didnt they wait till he was avaliable like all these months they could have done it in.
As he has said himself that he would love a hsm reunion.
And I dont know why lucas wasnt attending but he should of been there.
Also the avoiding that is most likely going on between Vanessa and Zac were they are never seen together is getting really annoying somehow I very much doubt that they are ‘friends’ and also think that there was another movie or a proper reunion it would not be the same as the chemistry between the both of them may no longer be there and i couldnt imagine that…
So yes.
Thats all I really have to say,
(Rant over)

This is adorable, can we have a photo like this again even just all as friends ♡

This is adorable, can we have a photo like this again even just all as friends ♡

Last year we found out about the HSM reunion,
And we were all in hope that we would see are favourite people all together.
Including Zac and Vanessa,
But I cant help feel like something will happen to change that…
I really want this to happen soon I miss all the wildcat family and really do want Zanessa to reconnect again ♡

I gotta go my own way&#8230;

I gotta go my own way…

Most stunning couple ever tbh.

Most stunning couple ever tbh.

"Zac is an angel"
Yes… Yes indeed.

Will Zac and Vanessa both go the Oscars… Of course not!

They have mastered the art of avoidance.

Ellen shipped Zanessa you could just tell.

Happy Hearts day ❤️❤️❤️